1. Most atheists believe in the Big Bang theory. Even if the Big Bang theory were true, what do they believe created life, animals, plants, water, humans etc.?

  2. If religions teach that everybody is equal, then people belonging to other religions are also equal. Why do people see their religions as superior and not allow others to practise their religion?

  3. When did all religion begin?

  4. Why can't religions live in harmony and respect each other?

  5. Why do Muslims pray five times a day?

  6. Why do Buddhists wear orange togas?

  7. From studying Buddhism and Hinduism, it seems that they are quite alike. Is this true?

  8. What do different religions think of magic? Is it allowed or not?

  9. Why do people still believe in God when there is so much suffering and limited physical evidence of a divine being? What do religious believers consider the physical evidence to be if there is any? (Sorry if this is a silly question.)

  10. Is it hard to practise religion in today's modern society?

  11. Should atheism be considered a religion, as they are already grouped together?

  12. Why is homosexuality considered as such a disgraceful and shameful thing in many religions?

  13. Why is atheism a growing religion? Is there any specific reason?

  14. Is torture ever permissible?