Question 8

It really depends on what you mean by 'magic'. Most 'magic' performed today is done by magicians who astound us with their illusions. The question most of us have in our minds after watching a magician is, "How's it done?" Their tricks usually involve sleight of hand and we know that they are not 'real'. Such magicians are entertaining because of their ability to distract us and create illusions. We do not believe that they possess any special powers. Other types of magic are purely fictional such as in the Harry Potter, Buffy, or Twilight stories.

Hundreds of years ago many people believed that black magic was possible and that performing it meant that you were possessed by, or in league with, the devil. Today most people do not believe that such magic is possible, and stories of witches and wizards have become entertainment.

There are some groups who practise Wicca, a new version of ancient witchcraft and paganism which predated Christianity. Wiccans sometimes practise ceremonial magic in their celebrations and rituals, which is more about connecting with the earth and the universe than it is the kind of magic seen in the stories mentioned above. You can find out more about Wicca on the Religious and websites.