1. How many gods are there in Hinduism and what are their names?

2. Why do Hindus have lots of gods?

3. When did Christianity start?

4. Are Christians allowed to worship Jesus Christ?

5. In the Christian religion why are God and angels only men?

6. Which is the oldest religion? Which is the most recent religion?

7. Before the prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) the people that weren't even around earlier prophets like in England for instance because they weren't even guided or didn't know that Islam was around would they go to heaven, hell, or purgatory?

8. How did Islam reach other countries from Arabia? E.g. how did it reach England, Turkey, Greece?

9. Why is the symbol of Islam the moon and star?

10. Why is Buddha's belly so large?

11. How many religions are there?

12. Why are all the prophets men, not women?

13. In Brazil what religion is it?

14. How was heaven and hell brought to earth as a belief?

15. What is religion all about?

16. Was the earth created by God or science?

17. If a Catholic goes to a gurdwara on a school trip and says that the food is nice, is that bad?

18. Why did people worship idols before they found out about the unseen God?

19. What do you call a person who doesn't believe in God?

20. Does God have a religion??

21. Did Jewish people consider Jesus to be a traitor?

22. Did Jesus become a Christian after he founded Christianity?

23. Which person or people wrote the Bible and how did they know it happened?