Palestine (Israel) at the time of Jesus

 Boundary of Herod the Great's Kingdom

 Samaria & Judaea under Archelaus
 Tetrarchy of Herod Antipas
 Tetrarchy of Herod Philip

King Herod the Great ruled the area within the green boundary line from 37 until 4 BCE. Herod was a 'client' king, ruling on behalf of the Romans who had invaded in 63 BCE. He began the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple, one of the 'Wonders of the Ancient World'.

When Herod died his kingdom was divided among his surviving sons - Herod Antipas, Herod Philip, and Herod Archelaus.

In 6 CE the Emperor exiled Archelaus to Gaul because of his incompetence. His territory was made into a Roman province under a series of Roman Governors. Although it included Samaria and Idumaea, the new province was known simply as 'Judaea'.

This was the kind of world in which Jesus grew up.

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