Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday is the first day of Holy Week.

Christians remember how Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on the first day of the last week of his life.

Today if someone famous visits our town we might wave flags and banners, and give them the 'red carpet treatment'.

In Jesus' time they waved palm branches and cheered him:

"Blessings on Him who comes in the Name of the Lord."
Visit Holy Family Church in Arcadia, Wisconsin, USA, to see how they celebrate Palm Sunday and the rest of Holy Week

The crowd hailed Jesus as the Messiah because there was a prophecy in the Jewish scriptures which they believed he was fulfilling:
"Rejoice, rejoice, daughter of Zion,
shout aloud, daughter of Jerusalem;
for see, your King is coming to you,
his cause won, his victory gained,
humble and mounted on an ass."

Zechariah 9.9
Remember 'King' is another word for 'Messiah'.
The Pope on Palm Sunday in Rome


Today Christians distribute palms in their churches on Palm Sunday. Sometimes leaves are folded into the shape of a cross. Some churches in Redbridge meet together for this before going to their own services. On one occasion a donkey was even brought along as a reminder.


Some donkeys have a cross mark on their back which legend says originated from Jesus riding on one:


The Donkey's Cross

"Bring me the colt of a donkey,"
was the Master's request.
A young donkey was brought to Jesus
to carry Him into Jerusalem.

A week later Jesus was ordered to be crucified.

The little donkey so loved the Lord that
he wanted to help Him carry the cross.
But alas, he was pushed away.

The sad little donkey waited to say
goodbye until nearly all had left.
As he turned to leave, the shadow of
the cross fell upon his back and shoulder.

And there it has remained,
a tribute to the loyalty and love
of the humblest of God's creatures.

Author unknown

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