Matthew is very concerned to show that the birth of Jesus was prophesied in the Jewish Tenakh (what Christians call the Old Testament). He quotes from various parts of the Jewish scriptures to support his belief that Jesus was the promised Messiah.

Please note the correct spelling and usage of these words:

noun: prophet - a prophet is someone who speaks for God
(not someone who tells the future! - because a prophet speaks for God he or she may have an insight into things which are likely to happen, but they would never be able to tell you the winning lottery numbers!)

noun: prophecy - a prophecy is the message or insight brought by a prophet. The plural is prophecies
(donít confuse it with the verb!)

adjective: prophetic - a prophetic utterance is a saying which contains prophecy

verb: to prophesy - Isaiah prophesied (past tense) the coming of the Messiah, he prophesies (present tense) that he will be the Prince of Peace.

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