Reflections on Light by Year 7 2007

Lighting a candle is like starting a whole new life,
but when it blows out you make a sacrifice.
All you can see is the flame burning bright,
but around it is as dark as night.
Looking at the candle makes me feel sad,
because it reminds of what i've done "especially bad"
As I glare at the flame it becomes large,
it seems like its in charge.
The candle makes me feel relaxed and there is a tranquil atmosphere because everyone is silent. At first when I stared at the candle I thought of Jyothi Mediation which I do regularly. This type of mediation is when you reflect on the light and you have to try and imagine it travel through your body. The candle seemed to look stronger when the lights were of and it was brighter and it looked stronger.
The candle reminds me of life because as the candle glows brighter the wax disappears and like this it shows that as you grow older you are closer to death. I could actually feel it soothing my mind because it felt looser. The candle symbolizes a lot of things like good, energy but most of all to me I thought it was God because it looked so strong and full of energy by the way it glowed and shined
I was also reminded of Zoroastrians and their religion because they worship fire. Divali is the festival of light and I get reminded of Rama and Sita after their 14 years exile. Candles play an important role in celebrations like in birthdays they symbolize a year of heir life. Also in Christmas when Jesus was born he is referred to the light of the world and there tend to be candles lit.
Angels are so bright and the flame from the candle reminds me of them. Another festival that has candles involved is Advent to mark the Sundays before the birth of Jesus. This festival is when people get prepared for the coming of the Lord.
A Hindu temple has lit candles and I was also reminded of that. Lastly I was also reminded of Hanukkah the festival of lights.
As a whole I felt relaxed and was reminded of festivals celebrations, times when I use a candle but most of all I had good thoughts because the flame was bright and I was so focused on it.

When I first saw the candle it gave me the idea that it had similarities to the life of a human being. The flame will keep on going but the candle will waste away, until eventually the light goes out... Here is a poem about the candle:

Candle! Candle! Burning bright, in the darkness of the night,
Dancing shadows form with the radiance of the light,
As the light dances it grows and becomes stronger,
Until, when the sun peeks out the flame is there no longer,
Remnants of the candle slither through the air,
The smoke that has been left, shows us life is still there,
Candle! Candle! Burning bright in the darkness of the night.
A candle is like a life, as the years melt away,
When it's lit, it's like a new day, but then it slowly drifts away.

It starts of like a bud and blooms into a flower,
As it shines so bright, it's like a new source of power.

As the light blinds your eyes, it reminds you of festivity,
Where everyone is having fun, where they're joyous and happy.

As it relaxes your mind, so calm and peaceful,
Where there's piece and quiet and no-one is tearful.

It's dark and gloomy, and the room is full of fright,
But then you feel safe, when you see, the bright light.

The candle once tall, is growing shorter and shorter,
With the flame so hot, it melts faster and faster.

The surroundings are sad, as the candle is dying,
And it reminds you of bad times, where you feel like crying.

Now the flame is blown out, and the candle is dead,
And there's nothing left of it apart from its head.

It's dark and quiet, and no-one is speaking,
You feel sad and lonely and have a horrible feeling.

A candle is like a life, as the years melt away,
When it's lit, it's like a new day, but then it slowly drifts away.

This candle reminds me of Christmas

I could sense the Christmas story
I could sense the holiness within him
I could sense the brightness of the star
…from the candle

I could smell the burning fire
I could smell the freshness of the hay
I could smell the anger of King Harold
…from the candle

I could see Jesus Christ being born
I could see His gifts being presented to Him
The Gold, Frankenstein and myrrh
I could see a beautiful image of the animals gathering round
…from the candle

Since this day …
I knew that life was to be peaceful
I knew that life was to be truthful
I knew that life was to be great
…just from one candle
shut the light....
light up a candle....
what do you see,
how do you feel?

looking at the candle made the world a better place,
it felt like the world had gone to sleep.
it was just me and the candle in this empty space
the world didn't say a peep

the candle started out quite small,
just like when we were a baby.
but as you looked it grew tall
just like now ( well maybe)

it felt relaxing, a feeling you don't always own,
even though everyone else is watching.
you just feel, well alone,
its definitely worth clutching

shut the light....
light up the candle....
what do you see,
how do you feel?

When Mr.B. lit the candle I thought that there was no point in staring at the candle, I mean what were we going to get out of it, I thought it was a waste of time. I thought that until the light was turned off.
When I stared at the candle with the light turned off everything seemed to go blank, the only thing in the room seemed to be the candle. The candle reminded me of life because when the flame was lit it was really small but as the time went it got bigger and also as it got bigger the wax wore away just like life. It also reminded me of the festival of Diwali because Hindu's celebrate Diwali with light.
I think that light and dark can stand for good and bad or happiness and sadness. 'They were once in the dark and now they have seen the light' means when they were in the dark they were bad but now they have seen the light means they have become good.
Another thing I thought about was that you need the dark to see the light which means that the two things however opposite they are contrast with each other.
Look at the candle
What do you feel?

I feel happy, sad
And confused as well
The candle soothes me and lets me relax.

Look at the candle
What do you think?

I think of Diwali
The festival of light
Where candles glow all the night.

Look at the candle
What memories come back?

I remember on bonfire night
I watched a firework display
Everyone watched the bonfire's flames.

Look at the candle
What does it mean?

Light and dark
Good and evil
Life and death.

Look and the candle
Does it help?

You need the dark to see the light
Some people think of it as God
To others it's a source of light.

Calm was my first feeling, letting me relax
Another one was happy, though I can not think why
Next I felt a strange emotion, subtle but still there
Do not ask me what; I won’t be able to explain
Later I felt as if the candle was the only thing in the room
Everyone seemed to melt into to the background, the darkness.
when i was looking at the candle i felt relaxed and peaceful. it reminded me of a time when the electricity went out and my cousins were at my house. we lit candles and put them all around the house so that we could see where we were going. we had a lot of fun in the dark but then the electricity came back on. it also reminded me of devali and fireworks cause of the all the light. there was nothing else to concentrate on except for the light. when the lights were on it didnt have any effect cause there were two souces of light but when we turned the lights off it was really bright and glowing .

Candle flame burning bright,
in the darkness of the night.
All eyes glare upon the
little flame grows on and on.
As the light shimmered bright,
it reminded me of that night,
Diwali the festival of lights.
the celebration, the fireworks,
the big feast for all to eat.
the joy and happiness,
the fun and excitement.
All the candles around the house,
shinning bright,
glowing all the the night.
Showing off to all the quest, their scent nad shine,
the guests say they're just divine.
As i stare in to the flame,
everything else goes pitch black,
I feel relaxed and peaceful.
And if i could i would just lay back
and cherish evey momment
of this peaceful candle flame.
Candle flame burning bright,
in the darkness of the night.
All eyes glare upon the
little flame grows on and on.
As I watched the candlelight burn in the dark, I felt relaxed and calm. The light represents hope in dark times of our lives and some people believe that this is a sign showing that God will be there in times of need. I thought of lovely festivals like Diwali and Christmas. The candlelight made me think of Diwali because the light reminded me of people lighting up and decorated their houses with many candles. It also reminded me of the return of Rama and Sita, (when they returned after forteen years from exile).The candlelight also made me think about Christmas because Jesus was born and the three wise men, and the shepherds followed the star to see him. A flame is like a life, when it is lit it burns, gets bigger then it dies out when it is blown or it just melts away.

Looking at a candle reminds of festivals like Davila, Christmas and Judaism. When stare at the flame in the dark, it seems to take your attention. You concentrate on the flame, instead of what’s around you. Also flame acts like life. It won’t let its flame blow out.
When I first saw Mr.B. light a match, I didn't see any difference until he turned off the lights and that was when the feeling hit me! It was like a real human being swaying from side to side. After I started watching it for a few moments, I began to feel relaxed! Somehow, it made me feel sympathetic towards people in other countries that don't have the facilities to use electricity all he time. It also reminded me of how many years ago, people would have never been able to use gas or electricity.
It made the room glow, and because everybody in the class was just concentrating on one thing, it made it feel magical! It helped me let all of my emotions out. It was brilliant!!!
After a while, when you keep concentrating on it, it is like the whole surrounding of yours it just paused and it is like the only thing alive, is you and the candle.

I felt really relaxed and it wasn't such a big deal when we started looking at the candle,but when I focused on the candle the flame grew bigger and the light shone brighter.The flame was like life: when you first light the candle it is small and then after some time it shines brighter and eventually grows ,which refers to us.Then the air tries to blow it away but the flame never gives up and it fights against the air.Also if the flame is blown away from the candle then it is like us dying.Whereas we had the light off and then we lit the candle, it was a lot easier to focus on the flame.The flame was linked with us because it has life and death.It also calmed me down as it made me forget my worries and because i focused on it, i didn't realise what was happening around me.
A small candle flame
In a room without light
Cannot be the same
In a room so bright
You can concentrate much better
On an individual glow
Take deep breaths to calm
And take everything slow
Take a good look around
Everything is dark
All around me I can see
Just a very small spark
When I look very hard
It makes me think
About so many reflections
I find it hard to blink
Reflections that are good
Reflections that are bad
Reflections that are happy
Reflections that are sad
The candle is a soul
It’ll burn on until it can no longer
It gives us examples of life’s goal
In which we build ourselves to be stronger

I felt alone surrounded by darness as if the world was at its end
Then i saw a small spark as i opened my eyes.
For a moment my hopes rised high.
All that was once worried me was gone, lost forever and my mind was blank.
But the best thing was that my mind was at peace and the world felt like it was no longer divided by the many different wars that went on.
i concentrated on the light coming from the candle and felt a warm tingle inside of me.
i felt that there was no evil and all was good as god himself once said.
i felt that the world was a happy place and that everyone got along well together and everyone appreciated the true selves within them.
I felt relaxed when i saw the light, when the light was first lit it shone really bright and reminded me of happy things. The festivals it reminded me of was Eid,Divali,Hanukkah and many more like Christmas.Once it was lit it reminded me of a life and. The way i reminded me of a life was that when it was lit it was like a baby born, then when it calmed down a bit it seemed as if it was giving something up. After it eventually grew biggere and biger as if it was growing. When the classroom light turned on you couldn`t really notice it that much so what i am triying to say is that, in the darek you can only notice it but when a bigger light is on you cant really recognise it.

If you don`t really pay attention on it you wont see the difference because only a little happens very slowly.It also remindes me a little bit like a lesson because if you give up you will get nothing but if you do you will finally grow bigger and bigger in a classroom.

When I looked at the flame I felt relaxed and I felt like the flame was getting a lot of attention. Everything darkened and it reminded me of Diwali and fireworks. I felt light. It made me clear my emotions. A little light can mean so much. It was bright. I felt like it was only me and the flame. It lightened my body and brain. I felt happy and it reminded me of my 5th birthday when I couldn't blow my candles out. It reminded me of the poor, when they don't have electricity but they have a little candle that lights the whole house. The candle grew taller and I started to concentrate harder. When the lights were on I didn't notice the flame. When I looked at it, it just seemed like a normal flame.
When Mr.B. lit the Candle and then switched off the lights the first feeling that I got was the light coming from the candle. I thought that there was really no point in staring at the candle for 2 minutes because it was a bit silly and we wouldn’t get anything out of it. But as the seconds went away I felt really relaxed and there actually was a point in doing that. Looking at the candle made everything around me seem so dark. It also made me think of the festival Diwali.I didn’t want to move because I really didn’t want to loose that feeling. Looking at the candle in detail, you could see that the flame got bigger and bigger as the candle melted away.

When I saw the candlelight in the darkness, I thought it was rather boring but when I really focused on it, I started to think about Diwali because it was celebrated at night and it was the festival of light. It was coming very soon. It reminded me of the fireworks and bright colours in the air. As I was staring at the flame, I also started to realise that my surroundings were getting darker as all I could focus on was the flame. When the lights came on, the flame looked smaller than it was in the dark because there was a big light stopping us to see the flame in detail. When the lights came off, the flame looked bigger again and as I watched it move, the flame got slightly taller and bigger. It was a beautiful thing to see. It also reminded me about Christmas and Birthdays because you have candles on your cake. In a way, the lightness seemed bad because you couldn't see the beauty of the light and the darkness was good because it helped to see the candle in detail but usually the lightness is good and the dark is bad.
Christmas or maybe even diwali,
Celebrations everywhere.
Happiness or even laughter,
These feelings I share.
Happy Birthday to me,
I need to make a wish.
Set the flames free,
Deep in the water with the fish.
Good over evil,
Nothing more powerful than that.
Never tell a lie,
Or say anyone’s fat.
(even if they are)
orange, yellow and red,
the brightest colours of all.
sun shining on my head,
like a big round ball.

The light in the room made me feel very calm and relaxed because it was really quiet. It was as if there was nothing to look at but just the light and candle. I was concentrating on the candle not looking away. When I was looking at the candle a bit more closely like examining it and I saw that around the light, it was going smaller and bigger. It also made me think that there maybe some problems in life when the light was glowing. When the candle was melting away it reminded me of years, the start of new life and death. It made me think that when the candle has lighten, it made me felt as if life has started. When it is blown out or melted, it made me think that the life has finished.
Candles tell a story about life and death.
As the flame slowly melts the candle.
Nothining can be heard whilst when watch a flame.
Diwali hindu day of light.
Lights give me sense of peace.
Every candle u blow out on your birthday u make a wish.

Just watching the flame at night
Growing and growing as you feel what you feel,
Thinking, crying, happiness and joy
Remembering all those moments.

Like the end of a tunnel
Or being alone
Sad and depressed
As the candle goes on
The Candlelight
The light was in the middle and the light was on. When the light went off, the candle was in the centre of attention for everyone and suddenly realised it, when the more I focused on it the brighter it got and everything else around me was gone dark. The candles brought back memories of birthday (the candles on the cakes) and diwali. I think the candle is like a life. It light and when it goes out it dies and like on birthday cakes the more candle the older are.
Candle, candle you make me feel calm,
You focus me deeper and deeper into your flame,
There’s nothing but you to focus on in the dark,
There’s no hustle and bustle whilst you’re in the room.

Candle, candle you remind me of life,
You start of like a little flame and slowly grow and grow,
Then, your flame bursts into life and moves uncontrollably,
Then, as your wax slowly melts away, you go out, just like that.

Candle, candle you make me feel joyful,
You warm up even the coldest of hearts,
There comes a sudden bubble of excitement, as I watch your flame get bigger and bigger,
The burst of orange and yellow sparks puts a smile on my face as I watch your flame.

Candle, candle you remind me of Divali,
All the fireworks and divas; it’s all such fun!
Lots of food to feast upon,
As we think about the triumph of good over evil.

Candle, candle you make me wonder,
Does everyone in the world have all the lovely things I have?
Is everyone in the world as lucky as I am?
And do people get to look at candles, like you, and think about their feelings and thoughts, like me?

© Mr.B at Woodford County High School