Reflections on Light by Year 7 2005

Watching the candlelight
I was feeling very warm and I felt quite happy too. The light reminded me of Hanukah, Diwali and Christmas as it reminded me of Christmas lights. I felt like I was in my own little world and there was a light. I felt as if though no one was there, like my whole class wasn't around me, but just me by myself.
The Candle
When I saw the candle, I felt warm inside, like I was in my own little world. I was happy for those few minutes. The candle reminded me of Diwali and Christmas at the same time. I remembered all the happy times I had with my family and forgot all the bad things in life. I was glowing inside, I felt like I was alone with the candle. the candle felt mystical in the dark, I felt magical just for those few minutes.

Fire nearly appearing
Light inbetween darkness
Almighty it will be
Mighty power within
Every feeling occurs

I feel dark.
I feel cold.
I feel scared,
So I light my candle-
It leads my way.
It gives me courage,
To take that one step further
Through my fears.

The Flame
As I sat watching the flame I felt a warm shiver run up my spine. It reminded me of happy memories with family and friends. It reminded me of Christmas because in December we always light a fire in the evenings or have a candle on the dinner table. It brings back memories of previous birthdays and the birthday cake with candles on it. Candles remind me of the old times when there was no electricity and when it got dark people would light candles in order to see.


The Flickering Flame
Flickering and shining the flame dances in the dark.
Light rays shoot from the flame in colours of yellow and gold.
All around the flame is a golden misty ball.
Murky darkness surrounds the flame making it look bright and bold.
Everlasting the flame flickers on giving light to all.

The Flame
The flame made me feel lonely. It made me feel as if I was the only one in the room. The flame also reminded me of life and death. It starts of and always has an end. The flame, although it was far away from me, made me feel warm inside but in some way it also made me feel sad. The flame reminded me of the sun as it was bright and if you stared at it for a long time, then it seemed to have rays.

Flame flickering rapidly
In the midst of the darkness there is always light
Red, yellow, orange
Eternally burning or what seems

Doing a flicker,
Indian blaze,
Warm in your feelings,
Amazing raising,
Like stars from above,
Inside a flame.

The Inspiration of Light
Light reminds me of Diwali when all the divas are lit,
I think that light is happened it brings you a warm feeling.
Ghost of happiness surrounding the flame,
Happy feelings are brought to my home, when it is dark it brings light,
To me the light is everything asit roams on Earth`s Land.


The Feelings of the Flame
Candles are involved in Chanukah. It makes me feel
Happy because it is bright and lively,
And candles bring light so everyone can see things. A-
Nother felling that a candle makes me feel is that it is like
No one can be free and is trapped foreverin the darkness.
Until a light shines through and helps to creat sights being
Kind and considerate the light creates life and the family
And friends can be happy again as the
Hero light creates life for everyone.

Watching the Flame
Whilst I was watching the flame flicker to and fro all sorts of thought came into my head. It reminded me of Diwali and how we light divas and perform fireworks, because people lit them to show the way when Rama and Sita came after 14 years of exile in the forest, also it reminds me of candle lit dinners that we occasionally have together as a family. These thoughts are happy thoughts; one sad thought that came into my mind reminded me of a funeral and how people put candles over the coffin when a relative or a close friend dies. Another sad thought that came into my mind was when I had burnt myself with fire; the mark that I got from it is there still there on my arm. All kinds of things came into my head sad and happy.

Candles bring warmth and light
And make the room very bright
Nice was what i felt looking at it
Diwali was what it reminded me of with candles lit
Lines was surrounding the flame
Everywhere it was the same

When I see the light,
It doesn't give a fright,
It gives me lovely feelings,
Forget about the dealings.
Lightness is good,
It's lucky touch wood,
Darkness is bad,
It makes me feel sad.

Candles remind me of bad and good memories
And how lucky I am to beloved and be cared for
Nice was the feeling I felt
Diwali is a festival of light
Light is needed in many ways
Enemies nowhere, friends everywhere

She stumbles
and falls
Rivers of sorrow Run down her cheeks She stares And sees
A vast emptiness
A void of backness lays in wait
But look
A ring
Of despair
Surrounds a single candle
A lone
In the cold cloak of dark
She runs
And meets
A marble arch so vivid
Its colour glints gold
While running from the death which haunts her
She looks
To see
The source of this hope
She see that
A ring of despair
Surrounds the last candle
In the cold cloak of

And bright
Night and

Inner Flame
Like the wick of a candle it started with a spark.
Then grew to a flicker and now is a full blown beautiful flame.
Flourishing and dancing with every moment that the source feeds and nourishes the inner flame.
Strong and determined the flame is.
Never seeming to die even when a strong wind blows through.
Everlasting even invincible is the inner flame.
Touch the flame and it will not harm you for it is the essence of love,
dedication, trust, friendship, and nurturing.

Watching the candle light in the dark made me feel very warm and relaxed inside me. It reminded me of my family and friends. The darkness around the candle light made me feel like i was the only human being in the room. It felt like the world was revolving around the candle light. The candle light seemed as if it had an evil side to it. It seemed that the light were raginig fires burning, and it also seemed like death.

As I looked at the flame I felt warm and comfortable and it brought back good memories I had experienced with family and friends. It reminded me of a firework display I had been to earlier this year, not actually of the fireworks but of the bonfire. It reminded me of previous birthdays I had spent with my family and of the birthday cake with all the candles on top. It reminded me of a candle lit dinner we once had with my family when we had a powercut. Also when we celebrate Christmas we have a big dinner with candles and my grandma will come down to stay with us. When I looked up into the other people's faces as they watched the candle as well, I could see the image of the candle reflected in their eyes.

Fires and flames are bright and warm,
Lighting all the streets and houses,
And may shine and burn for good and bad,
Mighty light has now gone,
Everywhere I go darkness follows me!

As I watched the candlelight
The flame shining so bright
It made me feel content
It fought away the bad
It reminded me of life
starting off so small
Then gradually growing stronger
and slowly dying away
Like the good
against the evil
It made me feel warm inside
from the cold
This guiding light
shows me the way
through the darkness
on this day
The candle burns on end
It will not last for long
But ah my foes and oh my friends
It gives a lovely light


Feelings by a Red Candle




© Mr.B at Woodford County High School