Reflections on Light by 7SZ

Shining all around,
Peace fills the room,
From ceiling to ground,
Pictures of family friends and loved ones,
Dancing and flickering in the candles flame,
I wish it could always stay the same.

Darkness comes,
Fills the room with gloom,
Sadness,tears,and thoughts of war,
Spread amongst the people on the floor,
Bad memories and deep regret,
Come back to people who want to forget.

All everyone has to say,

A New Beginning Of Life…

Once you light a candle,
You start a whole new life.
But once it has been blown out,
You die to rest in peace…

The burning candle,
So bright and beautiful,
The happy thoughts and memories,
So light and wonderful.

But when the darkness creeps in,
We forget everything,
That was in the light,
Now leading to dark.

We begin to fade out,
As all our bad memories of the past creep up on us,
And as we remember those loved ones,
Who passed away forever?

When we looked into the candle burning we thought about our family and about past memories and happy moments in our life. When the candle went out it felt as if its life was over and its spirit had left its body.

I had mixed feelings of sadness and happiness. I felt happy because I remembered my family and how much they care for me. I specifically remember my birthday because the room was lit all with candles when I entered and it put a smile on my face.
I also felt happy because I can remember Halloween when we lit the candle inside the pumpkin and we scared my mum. Also the fact that afterwards we showed a play about light and again the pumpkin glowed as the light of the candle was flickering inside it.
I felt sad because I remembered the time when my great grandfather died and how much I loved him and how great it was when he was around.
I also felt sad because just last year my rabbits died. It was really sad and again I felt upset. Looking at the candle maid me reflect on the happy times we use to have together.
It felt great looking at the candle and reflecting on all the different times that have happened in my life or that are happening at the moment. The darkness wasn’t present and it was such a special moment!

We sat motionless
Watching the candle flicker
A single point of light
It illuminates the room

We are mesmerised
Our eyes lost in the flame
Golden and warm
Fine and fragile

Warm, happy thoughts
Of birthdays and dancing
Christmas and romance
Why does it have to end?

  Darkness is full of sadness
Light is full of happiness
Dark is full of bad things
Light is full of good things
Dark is cold
Light is hot
Dark is like the old
Light is like the young
Dark is like the dead
Light is like the alive
Dark is negative
Light is positive

You can see that all the things about light are wonderful unlike the dark things.

When I looked at the candle I thought of when my grandad died last year. When I went to his funeral there were lots of candles there(they were meant to represent his soul). It also reminded me of weird things such as a pumpkin on halloween. It also made me think of my friends and family because it was bright. It made me feel strange and sleepy. Also because of the candle I remembered when at my old church would stick candles in oranges and decorate them with sweets and then turned out the lights. Somehow it made me feel happy but sad.

The darkness like night,
Was filled by spite,
From the warmth of the light,
With a glimpse of sight.

Beneath my eyes,
The candle light lies,
I think of the dead and alive,
But is that so wise...

The scent of the fire spreads through the room,
Up my nose ZOOM!

When I was looking at the candle, it reminded me of the times in my old school. I think this is because I was really happy and I had lots of friends there. I am really happy at Woodford but I don't have many friends and I miss my old ones.

Looking at the candle made me think about lots of festivals. Most of the festivals had something to do about light e.g. Diwali, Hanuka, Christmas etc.

I was looking at the flame flickering more than I looked at the rest of the candle. While I was looking at the flame flickering I could see a picture of the sun in the dark with nothing around it. I don't know why that picture came in my head but it didn't make me feel really happy when I saw it.

Light is like good.
Dark is like evil.
( In Starwars the evil side is called the darkside).
If the world was always sunny you would not need any
lamps or lights because they would not show up.
It needs to be dark so there can be light.

Candle light
When we looked at the candle it made me think of
people trying to get out of a house which is on fire.
I could hear the fire engines getting louder and
louder in my head and I wanted to help them.

Hope shines through us,
Like a little ray of light,
Shining through the darkness,
Making everything alright.

Only believers,
Can see my flame,
That helps the people,
Sick and lame.

The wick of a candle,
Represents our hearts,
Burning through life,
Keeping us as one part.

I used to be small,
And lonely and sad,
Until God told me,
Of the light I had.

The Flame

Light and dark, yin and yang.
I watch the bright flame
as it draws me ever closer
It becomes the centre of my world
of thoughts.
I have lost track of time.
For how long I’ve been sitting here….
I do not know.
Feelings of happiness and joy,
Are interrupted by feelings of hatred and anger,
As the candle flame flickers and dies,
I’m thrown back to face reality.

The candle flickered side to side,
As sadness slowly crossed my mind,
Of family that had recently died,
As I watched the candle flicker side to side.

The good times I spent with each,
Holidays,birthdays and christmas treats,
These all rotated in my mind,
As i watched the candle flicker side to side.

The bad times, I dreaded so much,
As I visited them in hospital, too fragile to touch,
I was so frightened in my mind,
As I watched the candle flicker side to side.

There I sat holding back the tears,
Thinking of the positive things,
Each of these I slightly remembered in my mind,
As I watched the candle flicker side to side.

When the light in the classroom went off and I looked at the candle it made me think of the past and how much I love my family. It also made me think of fires in the distance and people losing their homes. I think I thought of fires because near my home part of Oakdale School burnt down, at the moment the children have to work in portable classrooms. When it was completely dark it made me think of why we have darkness, I think I did because if it was light all the time then when we try to sleep we wouldn’t be able too because the light would be shining in our eyes. But if it’s dark then there isn’t anything shining in our eyes or keeping us awake.

In the morning its nice and light,
The sun is shining really bright.
In the evening I'm surrounded by darkness,
The stars are sparkling in the sky.
Light and Darkness is everywhere!
We need the light we need the darkness,
For every morning and every night!

When I looked at the light I remembered the Great fire of London. In my mind I imagined and thought of the people who suffered during this event. I felt great pain for these people.
I also remembered diwali. All those lights and the colours, it filled me with happiness.
When I stared at the light for a long time it went all blurry and it was like some one passing away. I thought of the way the flame was similar to a life of a person. When I looked at the light I remembered the Great fire of London. In my mind I imagined and thought of the people who suffered during this event. I felt great pain for these people.
I also remembered diwali. All those lights and the colours, it filled me with happiness.
When I stared at the light for a long time it went all blurry and it was like some one passing away. I thought of the way the flame was similar to a life of a person.

When I looked at the candle, I felt calm, warm and cosy. It reminded me of things I hadn't thought of before, deep thoughts rising in my head. When the lights were out and the curtains were drawn, everything seemed dark with a speck of light in the middle, just like a person's sadness growing and growing and then all of a sudden, a little happiness jumps into their life. A candle represents both sadness and happiness.

In the room everything was pitch black except this flickering light from the candle. This kind of irratated me, because it reminded me of wars around the world, before. Also the silence in the room irrated me too. At that moment, I felt like we needed world peace. Also when my uncle died, candles were lit. This reminded me of my uncle. I also thought of the festival Diwali, as it is the festival of light. The candle also reminded me of my family and how they love me.

L= light is goodness and
I= inscense from the candle made us think...
G= glowing goodness and global peace,
H= happiness and hard times, it made me think of those in need.
T= togetherness, terrorists in the world & how lucky I am.

A= a candle can effect your feelings and mind.
N= never-ending love, burning flames and religion.
D= ducking and diving your way through bad and good times in life.

D= darkness is a symbol of evil, hatred and envy.
A= a word that darkens all places,
R= rejects all love and light.
K= kills spirits of unknown kind...

The light had a flickering glow
and it helped me to know
that I had a family
that always always cared for me
it made me think of my loved ones
the ones who loved me so
it made me think of my sisters whose love will always grow

The dark made me think of some of my past family
and all the stuff wrong about me
but that little light will alawys glow right inside of me.

Sitting in the darkness with peace and tranquility all around me, I watched the small, flickering light dance and leave a glow in the middle of the room. Like a moth, I was drawn into the flame. Lost in my own world I thought about light and dark, good and evil, the things that make our world what it is. Light resembles many things. Festivals are filled with light like Diwali and Christmas. For Christians, light is Jesus, He is the light of the world. When someone dies, we light a candle. A candle is like us, we are mortal and we die. The candle dies as well and its soul is set free.

When I was told that we were going to look at the flame of the candle it seemed so strange, but when the process had began it made me think. The light reminded me of many celebrations; Diwali, Christmas and Hanukah. But why did it remind me of these religious festivals? Diwali is well known for the festival of light, Christmas, there are many lights on Christmas trees and some people like to light there front doors, and when the festival of Hanukah takes place candles are lit on the. Candles are lit because God is the lights of the world .The flame also made me think of ‘Give and receive’. It made me think of all of those who don’t have homes and how their life would be so dull compared to ares and it reminded me of giving to the poor, and how some religious festivals are celebrated and money is collected for the poor.

While I was sitting in the classroom on the 4th of November I could imagine all sorts of different things and I could feel mixed feelings. All of a sudden the lights went off and there was complete silence, and this is when I felt that really sad feelings. It truly reminded me of when my grandfather had died in Sri Lanka and I had seen him as a very healthy and enthusiastic person a few weeks before this tragic incident. It reminded me of his funeral where we had candle lights and also we light a candle in reminder of him every year.

However I thought what’s the point of crying over spilt milk so I thought of happy feelings like Diwali. Annually on this day our whole house would be filled with little decorated divas to celebrate this Festival Of Light. On this day we’ll all be dressed in new clothes and eating lovely food but I always think that without any light there isn’t Diwali. Also it reminds me of my every birthday because when we blow out the candles on the cake we’re blowing out light so that’s another wonderful feeling.

I feel peace around me, I see birds flying in the clear blue sky, flowers blooming out of the ground, children in the playground playing merrily but to see all this you need one thing that would give you complete misery if you didn’t have it and that’s light. If we didn’t have light we would never wake up, the sky would always be pitch black and this sky with no moonlight as there’s no sunshine for the moon to reflect light off. Can there be a world without light, I couldn’t imagine it and I thank God for giving us this wonderful source….Light.

Nobody has seen God.
Who is God?
Is it a person,
Or is it energy?
To see God or to know him better.
Everyone is in search of this light.
A wise man,
Claims to have seen God.
He teaches us to concentrate,
And look within us.
If we are lucky, we see this light.
This light is very powerful.
If it is misused,
We will see the bad light.
The Darkness!






© Mr.B at Woodford County High School