The Angels' Message

When the angels appear to the shepherds in Luke’s story, their message ends with the words:

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill towards men.” (AV translation)

Christians try to put this into practice especially at Christmas time by helping those who are less fortunate in society. They think of the lowly birth of Jesus, homeless, in a poor stable, and remember the poor and homeless in their own community. Some Christians help out with charities such as Crisis at Christmas, which provides practical help for the homeless.

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Salvation Army UK Territory One of the groups of Christians who will be seen on the streets and in shopping centres especially at Christmas time, is the Salvation Army. They wear uniforms and see themselves as fighting a war against the evils of poverty, homelessness and drugs which prevent people from living Christian lives. They believe they are acting out the Christmas Angels’ message of “peace and goodwill towards men.” Their bands play carols and they collect money to support the hostels and soup kitchens which they run.
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