Religious Studies at Woodford

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Mr. B's A-Level Revision Guide
          (may also be useful for GCSE students)


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Why take GCSE Religious Studies?

The Examination

Religion & Life Section 1

Religion & Life Section 2

Religion & Life Section 3

Religion & Life Section 4

Religion & Life Coursework

Judaism Section 1

Judaism Section 2

Judaism Section 3

Judaism Section 4

Judaism Coursework



N.B. From September 2000 we started teaching the new modular A/S and A2 A-level specification. Shown below is the 'old' A-level syllabus, which has its last examination in June 2001. There are similarities with the new syllabus, but if you want to see the new specification in detail, look in your Woodford R.S. A-Level Handbook or go to the AQA website (you'll need Adobe Acrobat to view the file - available from the AQA site).