Why take GCSE Religious Studies?

"RS broadens your understanding of people and makes you see both sides of an argument."

"RS is helpful as it opens your mind and improves your understanding of others."

"I'm glad I decided to take RS. It broadens the mind and makes you think more about the world around you."

"Class discussions make the lessons enjoyable and give you the opportunity to see various issues from numerous perspectives."

"I feel that understanding religious concepts promotes social harmony and religious tolerance."

"It's interesting to find out about our friends' cultures and religious beliefs."

"You learn more about yourself, your family and friends. I've come to an understanding of of others' opinions on topical issues such as abortion, euthanasia, and sex before marriage."

A GCSE in Religious Studies can be useful in many ways.
  • Whether you go on to study at university or college, or out into the world of work, you will meet people from all walks of life with different religious and moral opinions.
    GCSE RS will help you to understand and appreciate them.

  • Employers may feel that RS shows you have sensitivity in dealing with personnel.

  • Being able to evaluate differing opinions will help you to develop similar skills in your other subjects.

  • Studying the ultimate questions of life may give you a good foundation for dealing with religious and moral issues when you become an adult.
As with all your subjects you should choose RS because you enjoy it and find it interesting - not because your friends are taking it, or because your family want you to. Listen to advice from others, weigh it up, and then make your own choice.