GCSE Unit H: Religion and Society
Capital Punishment
The Death Penalty For and Against resources
from Michigan State University - a must see site!
Amnesty International Against
Amnesty's site opposing the death penalty
Catholics Against Capital Punishment
Not the official teaching of the Church, but the view of many of its members
Religious Organizing Against the Death Penalty Against
Religious organisations - including statements
Religious Perspectives from Religious Tolerance
Pastor David L. Brown For
Biblical views in favour
Pro Death Penalty Webpage For
By Wesley Lowe - note his use of the Bible
University of Alaska Comprehensive site including material on the religious perspectives
plus 'Dead Man Walking' and Sister Helen Préjean's work with death row inmates
Capital punishment in the UK Statistics
The BBC's AS General Studies Guru An interesting exercise
The Public Record Office Historical - non religious reasons for and against
Some interesting documents
Why was capital punishment abolished? Historical
Some interesting sources from the Learning Curve
Reprieve Against
Help for those facing the death penalty in the US and the Caribbean."
Look at 'Britons on Death Row' and 'Religion and the Death Penalty'
BBC News article - does this mean Britain still executes?

Prisoners of Conscience
Amnesty International Main site
Look for prisoners of conscience
Pastor Niemöller at Liverpool Community College
at Schoolsnet
Maximilian Kolbe at Catholic Community Forum
at Westminster Abbey
at Bridge Building Images
Chinese Catholics at Cardinal Kung Foundation
Christian Prisoners' List at Christian Solidarity Worldwide
Jehovah's Witnesses 72 year old imprisoned in Singapore
at Amnesty
Eliezar Vegilla a Baptist Pastor in Cuba (read their entry on Cuba)
at Bitter Scroll - a Seventh Day Adventist site
Yosef Begun Refusenik in Soviet Russia
Imam Yuldashev a Muslim in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
at Human Rights Watch
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Anti-Nazi theologian
at Bonhoeffer's Cell   at dbonhoeffer.org
at Probe Ministeries   Film Agent of Grace (in German)

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