GCSE Unit A: Religion and Life

Matters of Life and Death

Pro Choice
 Pro+Choice Forum "For those with a specialist interest in abortion issues"
 Voice for Choice "The coalition to defend and extend women's choice on abortion"
Pro Life
 Society for the
   Protection of the
   Unborn Child
"SPUC defends human life from conception until natural death"
 LIFE "The UK's leading pro-life charity"

 "All Views Considered" A series of essays from the
Religious Tolerance site in Ontario

Pro Choice
 ERGO Five essays by Derek Humphry from the Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organisation  
 Glossary Useful definitions also from ERGO
 Dignity in Dying "Your life, your choice"
Formerly the Voluntary Euthanasia Society (VES)
 Exit International "A Peaceful Death is Everybody's Right"
Pro Life
 Pro Life Alliance "Absolute respect for innocent human life"
 Cry for Life Dutch Pro Life Organisation "Applying Godís Love and His Truth to the Issues of Life"
(Holland has a form of legalised euthanasia)
   Task Force
on Euthanasia and
Assisted Suicide

Information on Euthanasia in the Netherlands
 Care Not Killing "Promoting palliative care, Opposing euthanasia and assisted suicide"

 Euthanasia & Physician
   Assisted Suicide
Information and articles from the
Religious Tolerance site in Ontario

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