GCSE Unit H: Religion and Society
Religion and the Environment
  Part of this section of the syllabus requires you to study:

"The work of ONE religious person, community or organisation in support of the conservation of the planet and its resources."

The Task

1. Examine some of the websites listed below and make bullet point notes on:
  • What they actually do
  • Where they do it
  • Why they do it

NB: Not all the sites listed are specifically religious, but they may have general religious aims.

2. When you have done this, use your notes to write two paragraphs for each site summarising what they do and why they do it.

3. Now choose one pair of paragraphs to explore as your chosen person, community or organisation.
Remember it must be religious in nature.

National Religious Partnership for the Environment
(Jews & Christians in the USA)

A Rocha
Christians in conservation

Alliance of Religions and Conservation

The Web of Creation
at the Lutheran School of Theology

Catholic Agency for Overseas Development

Catholic Conservation Center

Christian Aid

Christian Ecology Link

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

Forum on Religion and Ecology

Friends Committee on Unity with Nature
(Quaker, USA)

Friends Energy Project

Interfaith Climate Change Network

Jewish National Fund

The Religious Education and Environment Programme

Religions of the World and Ecology
(General information site)

Religious Campaign for Forest Conservation

Religious Witness for the Earth

Target Earth

The Chipko Movement

The Chipko Movement

The Chipko Movement

The Islamic Foundation For Ecology & Environmental Sciences

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