All religions begin with a story. Some people believe these stories literally, word for word as they appear in their holy books. Others see them as religious metaphors which reveal truths about the world and God's relationship with it. There are, of course, various positions between these two viewpoints.

In these pages the word 'story' is used in its widest sense and is not meant to imply any particular religious position. The good RS student will, however, be able to understand and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of the different viewpoints.
Religious stories are not just told for their entertainment value or as a record of historical events. Each one contains concepts and ideas which are important for understanding the religion from which they come. Sometimes the same story may be used by different religions and given a different interpretation.

Before you can understand what a religion is all about, you will need to grasp these ideas and the interpretations which believers put upon them.

Religion is is not something only connected with things which are believed to have happened long in the past. For believers it is something they practice in their every day lives through prayer, ritual, and behaviour.

Examining how religious people try to put their beliefs into practice helps us to understand them better.

Here you will find material to extend your studies beyond the lessons. There will be links to information, articles, and websites related to the topics, along with material to make you think more deeply about what you have studied.

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