UVI Religious Studies Conference 2003
On 4th December Woodford's Religious Studies Department brought
the Upper Sixth to Ilford Library to discuss the big question of 'Suffering'.

Some of the questions we addressed
Who is responsible for suffering in the world?
Is suffering simply the absence of goodness?
Is it possible to live without suffering?
Is suffering the result of human sin?
Do we need suffering?
Can suffering sometimes do us good?
Is suffering an illusion?
Is suffering a misunderstanding?

Rev. Alex Cumber (Anglican) works in churches in Rayleigh and Soho

Mark Fleming from the Brahma Kumari Movement

Rev. Glen Podd (Elim Pentecostal) works with the Haven House Foundation

Bhikku Pesala from the Therevada Buddhist tradition

Mr. Boden & Mr. Becket were on hand from the Religious Studies Department

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