Why choose A-Level?

Sixth Formers' give their views

"I think RS is an important subject to learn and understand as it helps you to have an idea of the world, not just in the context that you are used to.
New ideas are put to you and it is illuminating to discuss and decide what your own views are
on the creation of the universe, for example."

"RS at A-Level enables you to really think about the 'big questions' - why are we here? Was the world created for us? None of the other subjects allow you to actively question your own beliefs in such a constructive way."

"It's spiritually satisfying, fun and interesting!"

"I found GCSE very interesting and thoroughly enjoyed the discussions which made me want to choose to study RS at a higher level."

"At A-level standard, you are forced to think in a more in depth way. You're able to question, intellectually, theories, arguments and beliefs."

"The lessons are thought provoking and I would definitely recommend the subject."

"It's made me respect people who are more religious than me, and understand their reasons for being religious."

"RS A-Level is both stimulating and applicable to everyday events, especially the philosophical aspects of the course."

"It presents ideas in a different light from other subjects and it makes you think about matters
in a way you did not before."
"I took A-Level RS to help me think more deeply about the world around us and to think about ideas I had never considered before."