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A talk given at the Sea of Faith in the Churches annual conference, Loughborough, 3 March 2007, by Dr. Kristin Aune of the University of Derby

Dr. Aune discusses three possible futures for Christianity: a return to belonging, believing without belonging, and neither believing nor belonging.

 A.C. Grayling on Atheism
Downloadable podcast from Philosophy Bites [13m]

Is belief in the existence of a God or gods the equivalent of believing that there are fairies at the bottom of the garden? Or can it be defended on the basis of reason or evidence? In this interview for Philosophy Bites Anthony Grayling gives a philosophical defence of atheism and explains why he believes it to be a well-grounded and ultimately life-affirming position to hold.

 Don Cupitt on Non-realism about God
Downloadable podcast from Philosophy Bites [16m]

Don Cupitt, a controversial theologian and philosopher, whose BBC television series and book The Sea of Faith was extremely influential, giving birth to a theological movement, believes that most religion is too anthropomorphic. In this interview for the Philosophy Bites podcast he explains his non-realist approach to God.