A-Level Students: here are some links I've found useful or are just interesting.
I take no responsibility for their current content which may have changed since I originally accessed them. Indeed some may no longer exist - let me know which ones and I'll try to find where they've gone or remove them.

I am in the process of re-organising and updating the links, so apologies if they seem somewhat disordered!
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Religion & Science

Religious Experience

The Problem of Evil

Philosophy of Religion
"The questions of philosophy can be escaped, but no one escapes them alive."- Jeffrey Gordon

New Testament

General Religion

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Religious Experience
The Religious Experience Research Centre
The Alister Hardy Society - religious experience and spirituality today


The Problem of Evil
A Biblical Theodicy
A very good overview of theodicies. W. Gary Crampton shows where theodicies fail. Note that this is Calvinist apologetic material from Leadership University
Find out out about Calvinism here.
The Evidential Argument from Evil
by Nicholas Tattersal at Infidels.org



General Religion Links (unsorted!)

The Religious Education Exchange Service
The RE Site
The Talk.Origins Archive: The FAQ
Islam (Submission)
RE Net at Canterbury Christ Church University College
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
World Cultures
Punjab Online
Online Sikh Museum
Islam On Line & Mini Musallah
McMaster - what RS is all about
Excerpts from the Reform Siddur
Navigating the Bible - How and Why
Om Sai Ram
Vibhuti Mantra
Ethics Updates Home Page
RE-XS News Service
WebMagick Presents: The Pre-Raphaelite Collection
Judaism For Today - Aish HaTorah
Birdies Homepage RE
Religious Resources on the Net
The official site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Wesley Center for Applied Theology
Welcome to the RE UserSite
BUBL LINK: 270 Religion: general resources
Quaker Electronic Archive
Comparative Religion
Death Penalty Related Links
Capital Punishment in Modern British Law and Culture
Ethics Updates Home Page
Andrew Tannenbaum's Judaism and Jewish Resources
Religious Resources on the Net
Grief and Loss Resource Centre
About Islam and Muslims
The Sikhism Home Page
Church of England Liturgical Resources
Resurrecting the True Meaning of Easter
Voice of the Shuttle: Religious Studies Page
Catholic Church in England and Wales
Comparative Religion
Welcome to Empire Kosher
The Frum Side of the Web
Celebrations Online: Wedding related Links
Voice of the Shuttle: Religious Studies Page
Religious Tolerance, Ontario Consultants on:
Voice of the Shuttle: Religious Studies Page
Religion Religions Religious Studies Page
Descriptions of 57 Religions, Faith Groups & Ethical Systems
Comparative Religion
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Religion
Quran Subject Index
About Islam and Muslims
The OneWorld News Service
The Hindu : Search on Archives
CICI Home Page - Catholic.Net
Pentateuch - Contents
The Torahnet Page - Torah Study Opportunties on the 'Net
VY Responsa main
Nurit Reshef: Shabbat Page
Maven - Jewish/Israel Index
Judaism 101
Maven - More than 2,500 Jewish/Israel Links!
Table of Contents of Sri Guru Granth Sahib
About Martin Luther King Jr.
Mike Croghan's Religion Page
InterQuest: Home Page
Religious Resources on the Net
Religious Clipart
Comparative Religion
WLU Religion and Culture - Religious Studies Internet Links