Year 11 Core Topics
Capital Punishment
Sister Helen's site

1996 Speech

The woman behind the film

Dead Man Walking

Sites connected with the film and Sister Helen Préjean

The Pope's 1995 statement from Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life)
The Death Penalty from Michigan State University - for & against resources a must see site!
Amnesty International Against the Death Penalty
CAPC Catholics Against Capital Punishment
Religious Organizing Against
    the Death Penalty
religious organisations - including statements
Religious Perspectives from Religious Tolerance
Pastor David L. Brown Biblical view in favour of capital punishment
Pro Death Penalty Webpage by Wesley Lowe - note his use of the Bible
University of Alaska comprehensive site including material on the religious perspectives, 'Dead Man Walking' and Sister Helen Préjean's work with death row inmates
Capital punishment in the UK  
The BBC's AS General Studies Guru has an interesting exercise
The Public Record Office has some interesting documents
Why was capital punishment
some interesting sources from the Learning Curve
Reprieve "Reprieve provides effective legal representation and humanitarian assistance to impoverished people facing the death penalty at the hands of the state in the US and the Caribbean." Look at 'Britons on Death Row' and 'Religion and the Death Penalty'
BBC News article - does this mean Britain still executes?

Links to follow
 Abortion - see GCSE site

 Euthanasia - see GCSE site

Life after death

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