Year 10 Core Topics

 Genocide Watch  8 stages of genocide
 Stop the Hate  Quotations and Poems

 Mahatma Gandhi
   Man of the Millennium: life, work & philosophy
 Mahatma Gandhi Memorial  in Washington D.C.
 Official Mahatma Gandhi eArchive  by Tushar A. Gandhi
 Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence
   promoting and applying the principles of nonviolence  The Father of a Nation

Philosophy of Religion
 The Matrix Simulation How do you know what is real?
 Doing Philosophy What is philosophy? Premises
 The Cosmological Argument simply put, with objections
 The Design Argument simply put, with objections
 Hilbert's Hotel some thoughts on infinity
 The Problem of Evil

 Kurt Gerstein ('Amen' film)
 Woodford Holocaust Memorial Day  27th January 2005
 Holocaust Memorial Day Trust  27th January
 Into the Arms of Strangers Oscar winning film
 Kindertransport child holocaust survivors an excellent complete resource
 Museum of Tolerance  at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre
 Beth Shalom  Holocaust Memorial Centre in Nottingham
 The Story of Miep Gies
 The Story of Corrie Ten Boom
 Oskar Schindler His List of Life
 Raoul Wallenberg Site some fascinating Interviews
 King Christian X of Denmark Rescue of the Danish Jews
 Righteous Gentiles  non-Jews who helped

Religion & Art
 Ikon  Reflected image Flash presentation
 Student Reflection (based on Ikon reflection above)
 Web Gallery of Art lots of artists to explore
 Religious Tatoos Judaeo-Chistian body art
 Pre-Raphaelites "The Greatest Art on Earth"  you decide!
 William Holman Hunt from the Victorian Web
 Spirited Arts  Religion & Art Competition - why not have a go!
 Spirited Arts - two Y10 entries

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